Payment Options

To accommodate all our patients, we accept a variety of payment methods.


For patients without dental insurance: if you pay in cash at least a week before treatment, we will grant you a 5 percent prepayment discount. Conditions apply.


We welcome personal and certified checks.

Debit and Credit

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We also accept debit cards.

Low Monthly Payment Plans

Care Credit DentalFinancing

Designed specifically for healthcare related expenses like cosmetic dentistry, Care Credit offers financing plans that feature no interest and low monthly payments. There are no annual fees, setup costs, or prepayment penalties. Plans can be spread over a variety of time periods — anywhere from 3 to 60 months. Care Credit can be used to help cover any health care-related expense: from $1 to $25,000.

Contact a staff member at our practice to learn more about Care Credit and how it can help you manage your cosmetic dentistry costs.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Check to see whether your employer offers a medical spending account. Medical spending accounts allow you to cover your cosmetic dentistry treatment cost using pre-tax income that is set aside for medical expenses.

Insurance Coverage

Please Note: We do not accept Medicaid or state programs.

Our staff is happy to assist you in determining whether your cosmetic dentistry treatment cost will be covered by your insurance company. If the treatment is covered by insurance, we will help you file your claim.

Learn More about Cosmetic Dentistry Financing Options

We are committed to helping our patients afford the best dental care by offering cosmetic dentistry financing plans that spread the cost of treatment over time. Please contact our practice to learn more about any of the financing plans mentioned above.


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Hi, my name is Jeanette Soto from Little Elm, Texas, and I would like to leave a testimonial for Dr. Herman Dumbrigue. Ever since from the beginning he made me feel so elated and they make you feel so much at home so it’s as if you were going there forever! He’s not just a dentist; he’s an artist. I Love Him! He is truly awesome. Your smile is so important to him and he seriously wants you to be happy with his work. He simply cares, which seems to be lacking in many dentist facilities. He is my hero who saved my smile after many years of let’s say torture. You won’t be disappointed with Dr. Herman Dumbrigue. After all I’ve been through, my word is my bond. I truly love him and his staff. They are fabulous! Please check them out. Thank you!

Jeanette Soto

This is Mr. McDonald leaving a testimonial for West Park Village Dental Care, Dr. Dumbrigue. He removed teeth, he inserted implants and saved my teeth and he helped me quit smoking. I think he’s a wonderful doctor; I never had any pain while I was there, hes a very good dentist. Thank you very much!

Mr. McDonald
I haven't been to the dentist in a couple of years and I started having toothache, Dr. Herman Dumbrigue said he needed to extract 2 of my teeth I panicked but he was so gentle and so professional that I didn't feel a thing. I truly recommend this office and staff and of course Dr. Herman Dumbrigue.
—Bernie Aponte
Dr. Dumbrigue is very knowledgeable and detail oriented. He's also very gentle and patient. I highly recommend Dr. D!!!
—Edee Lin
I have been a patient of Dr. Herman for at least 5 years now. I have even been to the old clinic before they move to this new one. So far it has been a par excellence experience. The service is very professional and well done. I trust this place that all my dental needs are well being taken care of. They are prompt in setting up and reminding for my follow up appointments. Plus the staff are awesome people. I have been recommending Westpark village dental to my family and friends. Thank you for your service and keep up the good work.
—Kyle TenTy
I have been a patient of Dr. Dumbrigue and I have been very pleased with his treatment. He is very knowledgeable and experienced and he explains in detail what is needed and answers all my questions in a patient and friendly manner. His staff fully explains what my insurance is estimated to cover and what my estimated financial responsibility would be. Everyone at the office is very friendly and compassionate and really cares. I recommend this practice and wish I could give morn than 5 stars!
—Dean Colburn
great experience! Dr. D is the best! highly recommend this dental office
—Orlando Vega
Dr. Herman Dumbrigue and Dr. Marianne are two exceptional dentists that I know. They are not only very knowledgeable in their respective fields since they took graduate studies to master their specialties but they are also honest and hard-working people who go to work not only to "make a living" but also to praise and glorify God through their work. I trust the Dentistry that they do and I highly recommend their office. More power to Westpark Village Dental Care!
—Mallou Cabrera Morato
Our family has a positive experience with our dentists Dr. Dumbrigue and Dr Chingbingyong for more than 15 yrs. They are thorough, detailed and careful in handling every aspect of our dental needs. I also liked the dental hygienist. Thank you for giving us beautiful smiles and keeping our gums and teeth healthy which are vital to our overall health.
—Angeli Omega Pajela
Dr. Herman Dumbrigue is an excellent dentist whose main priority is making sure his patients are comfortable and get the best dentistry. I got my fast braces here about 3 yrs ago and i definitely love the results but what I love more was that I only had them for 6 month's. I highly recommend this dental office the staff are so nice and caring and Dr.Herman Dumbrigue is the best.
—Berenice Balderas
Everyone at Westpark dental has made going to the dentist a pleasurable experience. Their caring, calm demeanor and excellent work are what keeps me going back. I have had a few different procedures done by Dr. Dumbrigue and I am been very pleased with his fine work! I recommend them highly!
—Kathleen Hastings
It's an awesome place with experienced doctors and the staff is amazing, they treat each other as family and they care for the patients. I recommend this dental office to everyone. Not everywhere you go you can find professionals that would treat you so pleasant. And everyone always have a smile.
—Marie Cina
Dr. Tanaka is one of the best dentists in Esthetics and Prosthodontics! He is also teacher of many excellent dentists in the nation!
—Jae Ha Jung
Dr. Herman & Dr. Marianne Dumbrigue are both hardworking & trustworthy dentists. I would trust my whole family to their exceptional care. And I would highly recommend them to whoever needs dental care.
—Connie Esteban-Hernaez
The best dental care you can get in Dallas. Professional, skilled Doctors Caring staff An overall wonderful experience
—Saif Basha
Without a doubt every patient seen by Dr. Herman Dumbrigue will be under the care of a great prosthodontist and human being.
—Ana Maria Gonzalez Casafont
My whole family goes to Westpark Village Dental Care.. The staff are friendly and the care is excellent .
—Meryline Cocjin Dan Gerona
The doctor was very informative and my daughter actually enjoys her ortho visits. This is a great place for the whole family.
—Carrie Bourque
Been going there for years. Absolutely love the service and care given for my dental needs. Thank you!!
—Jonathan Pajela
It's always a pleasant dental experience going to Westpark Dental Village Care. They've been taking care of my teeth for years now. No complaints!
—Pinkee DG
I had 3 implants done and very happy with it. Now I have a full set of teeth again!
—Hermie Dumbrique
Great atmosphere and caring doctors!
—Carrie Bourque
Excellent patient care! Dr. Dumbrigue takes time to explain treatment options and addresses all concerns of patients. -- one happy and satisfied patient!
—Ben Racela
I enjoy my visits to the clinic. Super nice team. I always leave with a smile.
—Tamara Rayess
The staff are all professional and courteous. Fast braces was awesome!
—Brian Jun
Wonderful friendly staff and Dr. Dumbrigue is awesome!
—Carol Causey Mahan
First off let me start with I have always had problems with my teeth and growing up we were pretty poor and our dental needs were definitely neglected due to this. So I haven't seen a dentist for many years even as an adult. My back tooth broke and it had a very sharp edge so I had no choice but to have it taken care of. Great! My biggest fear as far as medical goes would be the dentist. I wasn't looking foward to it. I had no clue where a good place to go would be. I was recommended by a friend to try this dental office. When I first walked in, my nerves were so bad that my blood pressure was off the charts. The guy at the front was so nice and tried his best to make me feel more at ease. I didn't feel like I was bothering him or that he was rolling his eyes inside of his head at me being such a big baby. Once the lady called me back, she also was so sweet. Every assistant and employee I met was over the top just so nice! They all called me by name like we've known each other forever. They noticed how nervous I was and they made sure to explain everything in great detail and actually listened to whatever I was jabbering on about (I'm sorry guys!) the doctor comes in and he's very friendly, and makes you laugh. He's soft spoken and not aggressive at all which made me feel a little better but still I was afraid. When I had my first procedure, the ladies were gentle, funny, and I actually had a good time (I had some gas to help me relax haha) this was so new to me because the last time I went to the dentist, he made me feel so forgettable and like I didn't really matter, he was just trying to get done and move on. Didn't care about my discomfort. So I was pleasantly surprised and confused why these people were being so nice and wasting their time to talk to me like they were actually interested. That's because they are. Cecilia is always a pleasure also. She's so sweet and really cares about my worries and my discomfort. She's so good at reassurance and relaxing me. I couldn't do it without her! Today I had another procedure done. I got to meet another extremely nice girl who really made me feel important. Bernadette, is an amazing person who made me feel not only important but human.. It's always fun after my appt when I get to slur talk to Kari. Bless her heart for not giving up on me haha. This dentist and the staff cares about their patients and has given me the biggest blessing by helping me come up with a plan so I can afford everything I need. Who does that? Someone with a good heart. People like me, who are good people and work hard to barely make it, don't get to have healthy teeth. But because of him, I can finally get my teeth to a healthier place. Thank you for everything you do! This means more to me than you know!
—Brandy R.
Dr D and Dr M have been our family dentists for 10+ years and we can't say enough wonderful things about them and their staff.
—Ann B.
Dr. Dumbrigue is the best doctor I've ever seen. Very knowledgeable and charismatic. I've had terrible experiences at other clinics, but not here, best decision I've made is to come here. Everyone in the staff is really nice and kind. I'll definitely be recommending this clinic to everyone. Thank you for such an amazing work
—Orlando V.
Fantastic. Made me feel at ease. Put on any show on Netflix I wanted while they worked. Had two cavities and they didn't cause me any pain. Caring, steady, and knowledge. Most reasonable prices around. Very clean. Highly recommend
—Jen T.
Great Doctor for all Dental Work. Generally, I don't like Dentists 'cause it's painfull, but not here. Straight forward approach and avoid unnecessary work. They do present improvements to your smile, It's my choice to take it or leave it.
—Kirit I. Desai
I practice Dentistry in the Philippines and I would definitely refer my patients and friends to Westpark Village Dental Care should they need one in that area, and I would choose Dr. Dumbrigue to be my personal dentist if given the opportunity. Their clinic and equipment are at par with the best clinics I know. I have been to their clinic and the staff are all nice and professional. I have known Dr. Herman Dumbrigue since we were Dentistry students and he has always been one of the top performers of our class for his outstanding work, which is proven up to this date with the recognition/awards he has been receiving.
—Marla Llado-Valenzuela
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